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November 22nd, 2014

03:08 am - FFXI: The VCRP Log Twelve: Xenosa Runs All Over The Goddamn Continent Finding Magic Rocks
Before we get started, mind if I drop a plug? Stefan Gagne/Twoflower's writing has long been an influence on me and an interest of mine, and he's started a new serial webnovel today that's all cyberpunky and digital-online-games and covert-secrets-of-the-network and that is exactly the kind of thing I want to wave around and promote.

I've still got a copy of some of his other stuff I need to read, but I'm going to make an effort at actively following this. Anyone else here interested?

Okay, plug over. *tap drumsticks* We're rollin' 'Magicite'. Three, two...
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But we'll save that for another time because WHEW what a mission!

Oh, before I forget... were the screenshots easier to read in this post? I spent some time messing with settings. I hope they're an improvement.

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November 20th, 2014

10:11 am - Sort of an FFXI update!
I've been depressed lately, so I haven't been playing so much. That said, I think I'm starting to perk up and I'm ready to get us back on course -- next update. This one is about snow and chocobo raising.
This one's just about what I did while waffling moodily.Collapse )
See you next time.

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November 18th, 2014

08:16 am - Honor to a fallen rival.
Kenji Eno was my archnemesis. Then he died.

Many years ago I bought a game simply called "D". It was a creepy horror-puzzle game that took around two hours to solve... forced, because if you took longer the game ended. This was to make it more cinematic, you see. It featured a digital actress named Laura whose every motion radiated dull surprise, some of the slowest movement ever seen in a timed game, and a surreal plot with a last-minute twist that has provoked the same reaction in everyone I show the game to: A stunned "WHAT THE FUCK!?" and hysterical laughter.

This game was made by Kenji Eno.

Enemy Zero for the Sega Saturn also starred Laura. This was a first person shooter where all the enemies are invisible and can one-hit-kill the player.

This game was made by Kenji Eno.

D2 was the psuedo-sequel to D, although it didn't follow the first game's plot at all. It featured plant monsters, my first exposure to Japanese-flavored tentacle rape, people who melt into green slime, clones, a scientist who made a sentient talking computer and promptly married it, giant vagina monsters, and I'm not even getting into the really nonsensical stuff.

This game was made by Kenji Eno.

All of these games reduced me to incoherent rage and bafflement. All of them have lived in my mind forever, unforgettable. I used to joke that someday I would fly to Japan and jab Kenji Eno with a barbeque fork.

Then he died. I honored him not as a friend but as a valued rival, someone I felt incomplete without.

Today I learned of a crowdfunding effort. People are continuing his final work, the last game he left unfinished before his death.

"With the help of the gaming community, we will bring KAKEXUN's themes of cosmology (the origin of the universe) and philosophy to life in video game form. This is the purpose of KAKEXUN. Using online game features to battle with numbers and geometry, encounters in unknown dimensions, and brutal battles with enemy creatures, we will create a game world that everybody can enjoy.

The video below shows the primitive form of UI we currently seek. The “Cloud of Numbers” emitted from the unknown space region, n dimension, asks game players to do the calculation. The numbers here are encoded as number figures on dice. It shows the addition in this video.

The calculation is asked in the rhythm of music, and players answer in the rhythm."

I read this and all I can think is...

This game was made by Kenji Eno. I will hate it. I will rage at it. I will be absolutely baffled by it. And I must play it.

Please give generously.

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November 16th, 2014

01:31 am - FFXI: The VCRP Log Eleven - Plus One.
I have a post part-written about the next main quest plotline, and we're going to do that soon enough... or at least try to. However someone else reminded me that we're going to need every little edge we can get, and there's an easily-accessable edge we haven't yet picked up. Not one that's usable everywhere we'll be going, but one that levels with us. Remember, Xenosa Xizee may be a stranger in a strange land, but every stranger could be a friend you haven't met yet...
The Fellowship of the Thing.Collapse )
See you next time!

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November 14th, 2014

07:19 pm - FFXI: The VCRP Log Ten - In Which We Are A Jerk To Nobody
Recently the last storyline chapters of Seekers of Adoulin came out. Skimming over the patch notes, I noticed: "We've tuned these battles so that a party of six (level 99) players using item level 117 equipment can win".

So if you were wondering whether I'd ever be able to do that expansion... No. Not really. The iLvl gear I can get easily, but five other people? Nope. Still, ONE expansion of content I can't do is a damn sight better than it used to be. I lift a glass to the mad lunatics surfing at the tip of the curve. I may never join you, but I respect that I walk in your shadows.

Anyway, it's time to start thinking about this job business. It's not like I want to level every job to 99, but I would like to have a stack of extra choices I can mix and match between. I have some idea which jobs the community thinks are cool/needed for endgame but I'M NOT PART OF THEIR SYSTEM MAAAAAN so I can pretty much do whatever. Let's look over the options.
Under here please.Collapse )
Right now, however, Xenosa is level 49 Warrior and that main plot isn't getting any less done. Let's get back on that stick and ride it for a while before we crack any more jobs open. See you soon!

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November 12th, 2014

05:28 am - VCRP INTERUPT! Exposition Time: What are we DOING anyway?
So today I took a few minutes to look over the FFXI Job Quest List and scanned down the list of things you need to do to make the various jobs available. We qualify for fewer of them than I thought, and while I'd like to show off a few of the various unlockable job classes and get a couple levels under Xenosa's belt, I thought now would be a good time to bring up a pertinent question:

What exactly are we trying to accomplish here?
More Than You Wanted To Know About FFXI.Collapse )

Any questions?

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November 11th, 2014

03:57 pm - FFXI: The VCRP Log Nine - Meow Meow Choco-Chow!
Last time I hinted that we were gonna get ourselves set up as a chocobo racer, but that's more of a long-term goal. Still, the path to that goal begins with a single claw-footed step, so let's emb-wark on our kweh-est for chocobo companionship! The trail begins here in Jeuno...
Speaking of Beastmaster -- we haven't unlocked any new jobs! Like ever! So I'm thinking our next update may cover job unlocking of a variety of things, and then we'll decide on some to level maybe? I'm not sure, I honestly didn't expect to get this far with this game. Thank you all for your support.

Also raising a Chocobo is kinda bananas but y'know, I think we can handle that too. But what should we name the little dear?

Hmm, this will take some thought...! See you again next for more exciting chocobo action AVIAN DELIGHT and JOB QUESTS!

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November 9th, 2014

10:08 pm - FFXI: The VCRP Log Eight - Grinding and Giants
Another day, another mission in the defense of Bastok. There's little time for Xenosa to rest. As she rolls into town, she's called upon to undertake a special mission with the Mythril Musketeers...
Even I can put two and two together.Collapse )
Remember I said a bunch of stuff unlocks when we hit Jeuno? Next time, we'll check out one of those... uh, stuffs. Stuff I've been really excited to get into. It'll take a lot of work, but I think the results will totally be worth a look. Please look forward to it!

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November 7th, 2014

09:25 pm - FFXI: The VCRP: Log Seven -- Baby's First Boss Fight
When we last left Xenosa, in a canonical sense instead of that video I posted, she was getting prepped to make the next step of her ambassadorial journey out to San d'Oria, land of the elfy elves who elf a lot.

They're also really really into bagpipes. Let's try not to hold that against them.

In any event, that's where she is now, about to engage with elf royalty to find out what her assignment here is. Hopefully it won't involve violating international trade regulations again. There's only so many times one can do that and have it still remain an amusing novelty.
Let's find out.Collapse )
Let's keep fighting and winning! There'll be another mission in a little while.

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November 6th, 2014

06:50 pm - Demo Complete - The Talos Principle.
Oh my, yes.

This is a post-Portal 3D puzzler, which pretty much means it's exactly like you think it is. But it's beautiful and clever and seems intelligent so far. Makes interesting allusions. I can say nothing about what it does or why, beyond "requires spatial puzzle-solving skills", without spoilers.

But this one... just THREW itself on my to-buy list from a standing start. That's pretty solid stuff.

[EDIT]: Oh! Writing by one of the Driver: San Francisco writers... Well that's me double-sold then.

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