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August 14th, 2014

06:53 pm - New Gabe Knight trailer!
And YES I will break silence for this OVER AND OVER. Check it out.

So... okay. Mosely sounds hideous. Ugh. Gabe... I could get used to Gabe I guess, even if it is someone trying to put on Curry who is not Curry. Gracie? Sounds pretty much identical to my ears.

Music's still good. I think the sets look weirdly cramped though.

Don't care, still buying it, still playing it.

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August 12th, 2014

03:49 pm - More dental stuff.
Cut because, uh, dental stuff.Collapse )

Edit, later: now my teeth feel sore and rough-edged and weird, don't really LOOK any better, I have this constant worry that I'm going to accidentally lick one of the fillings in half or pop it out, it cost a lot of money, and I feel like a dickass for complaining about it because literally everything else anywhere in the world sucks more.

It's a good thing I'm not already depressed or anything, because man that would sure suck.

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August 9th, 2014

02:16 pm - Recordkeeping - Lego City Undercover COMPLETE.
More recordkeeping. Finished Lego City Undercover today, the first original plot/non-tie-in Telltale Lego game. Was pretty good I guess. Some minor issues... like, for example, when I finished my completion percent was 30.3%. So that's a lot of game I've never touched and might not bother, because there's not a lot of point in collecting more stuff except for the sake of collecting more stuff.

You have different "job" costumes for the main character, but all jobs work the same way. I'm not going to unlock a Fireman who shoots laser beams out of his eyes, the Musketeer has the same fighting style as the Sumo Wrestler, and both of them are "Civilians" so they're useless anyway. Meanwhile in Lego Marvel I was unlocking like... Thanos and Rocket Raccoon and Psylocke and Storm and Beta Ray Bill. Cool people, every time I unlocked someone I was like "YEAH" and I meant it.

Here I'm unlocking, like... Dock Worker. Mime. Garbageman. Hockey Player. ... yeah? woo? Meh.

Don't mean to dwell on the negative. Really fun writing, really fun plot, lots of exploration if I decide to do it for the hell of it, but mostly it makes me want to reinstall Lego Marvel and dick around in that instead. If I'm gonna be unlocking pointless things I'd rather be unlocking them with Squirrel Girl.

Not sure what to do next. I've been futzing with MMOs mostly. I kind of want to pick up Skyrim again and resume writing about it, but I don't want to run myself out of energy and into depression again/deeper. Dunno.

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July 30th, 2014

04:46 am - Recordkeeping - Marathon Series COMPLETE.
Back in 2004 I bought myself a copy of the Bungie Mac Action Sack, a collection of all the Macintosh-only Bungie games. I did this so I could yoink the Marathon series off it and play it on my PC under the excellent Aleph One source port. (Nowadays the Marathon series is free to everyone, yay.) I finished Marathon 1, made some progress in the second, and never could figure the third out.

Recently, after enjoying the Destiny beta, I loaded up Marathon 1 again and pushed through it, went on to 2, and today at 2 AM finished up Infinity for the first time. I played on "Normal", with crosshairs, as I am not any kind of FPS wizard. Some thoughts on the games...

Mostly for my own benefit.Collapse )
So you would THINK, having played through all that, I'd be finished. ... Well there's still fan scenarios to play, aren't there? And Destiny isn't out yet.

So it's on to fan scenarios!

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July 16th, 2014

11:26 am - Drive-by Updating
So, about a month ago I buggered off and said I'd be back in a month to talk some more.

...Yep. Well...

By and large, I'm still really depressed. I've fallen into that gulf where I don't feel like it's okay for me to have an opinion on things, because opinions only piss people off. Namely, they piss ME off. When browsing around the net or twitter or whatever, I have to be kinda careful. No matter which side someone... ANYone... is arguing for on any point, I see that they have passionate opinions about things and it just makes me angry at them. Why the hell should THEY get to feel like they're right about ANYTHING, when I never feel like that even if I actually am? It's like a blend of jealousy and depressed rage.

So over the last month I've been as disengaged from things as I could possibly be. I stay awake a few hours, sit around moodily, maybe eat something, then go to bed for as long as I can stand and repeat when I get up. Occasionally I manage to fend that mindset off and get something done... maybe a little reading, some games... but mostly I'm just drifting and trying as hard as I can to rip away every... connection, every form of contact that ties me to other people.

Which makes it highly ironic that I've socially reconnected with a couple people I was distant with. Heh. I am so bad at everything. god damn.

Record-keeping time, though: Over the hiatus month I finished up -

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Really enjoyed this, co-oped all the way through with the BF. Really wanna push through the sequels. Can't seem to actually get those going. Damnit.

Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us". Psuedointeractive adventure game based on a comic book. Had a great time with this too. I don't ask a lot from a narrative like this, the act of making a choice is more important to me than the effects of said choice. Big believer in "how you get there is more important than where you end up".

Telltale's "The Walking Dead", season 1. See above review.

Buncha flash games. Nothing important or interesting.

Mario Kart 8, technically? This doesn't have an ending, but I earned trophies on all the tracks, so I guess that's how you finish a racing game? Whatever, it counts.

Started fiddling with about fifteen other games, abandoned them after an hour, like I usually do when I'm not forcing myself to focus. Whatever. am I coming back to write more? I don't know. Bungie's got the beta of their new joint Destiny rolling out on the 17th, and I'm in for that. (Would you like to be? Do you have a US PS3? Give me a prod, I have one key left.) [UPDATE: No keys here.]

Aside from that, I'm in a serious butthole of sadness and I just don't know what I want to be doing. I've got the save files to pick Skyrim back up if I care to. I'm thinking about it. But I just... ugh. I don't even know.

See y'all in another month maybe.

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June 18th, 2014

08:17 am - Hiatus, again.
So I've slept on it some and I really think I'm just gonna stop blogging for a while. I just feel like what I'm doing is... I post something, then I poke everyone I know to come look, then I go fall asleep, get up, and check for comments. When there are none, I feel like a huge failure, so I work harder and post something else, poke everyone I know...

I mean on one hand I am pretty sure there's a few people who just duck the conversation every time the blog comes up now, and on the other hand I have tied my sense of self-worth to comments about stupid video game things on a journal on a defunct website. I'm killing myself to get a post up every day like I'm drawing a paycheck for it, and I'm not even sure why.

I have to kinda step back and readjust my perceptions and perspective, and just... stop for a while. In a few weeks or a month or something I'll come back and we'll see what happens. I'm just tired and sad and depressed and I want to do something else and clear my head.

See you all later.

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June 17th, 2014

09:06 pm - Skyrim Part 13 - Rita Oidrom Abruptly Runs Out of Mage Plot
Today I learned that in the upcoming Skylanders: Trap Team, one of the playable characters is a hard-rock werewolf in tight leather pants who attacks with power chords and knee-slides.

I can feel myself sinking deeper. Don't make my mistakes. This is not a place of honor. Run.

Back in Skyrim, Rita beat a zombie priest in a swordfight to prove her magical power. This is mildly ridiculous but does speak to the benefits of having a well-rounded character, or failing that a character loaded down with as many magical artifacts as you can possibly carry. Now, armed with the Staff of Magnus and racing against-- well. Strolling, really, it's not very urgent...

Now, strolling against time, she returns to the College of Winterhold to see whether the place is still standing or not. Can she get a diploma if the building's exploded? That kind of thing must happen at magical universities all the time.

The not really shocking conclusion!Collapse )

So... aside from one or two here and there, it's been dead silent in the comments for these and I'm getting to worry they're more irritating than interesting. Should I keep going on these, or just drop it here?

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June 16th, 2014

07:48 am - Skyrim Part 12 - Rita Oidrom and the Sword of Dawn.
So I want to plug the Skylanders wishlist one more/last time, now that I've solved a major issue with it, which is that you should now be able to actually PURCHASE ITEMS from it. I have no idea what they thought I'd have wanted it for otherwise. Something to point and laugh at? Well, that's still valid.

I've fixed that little issue, I hope. The people responsible have not been sacked, do not know of the error, and continue to be much richer and better off than me. That is how life works.

Speaking of life, let's make Rita's a living hell by sending her into the depths of Labyrinthian and seeing if it lives up to all the hype.
Dungeoneering, away!Collapse )
No reading corner today. Too smug. See you next time!

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June 15th, 2014

09:26 am - Skyrim Part 11 - A Little Favor Goes A Long Way
Stupid stupid sexy plastic dragons. Due to popular request (SERIOUSLY? Okay why not) I now have an Amazon wishlist full of the little bastards and their friends. If you want to throw me something, feel free. Remember, sort by price, don't be afraid to buy used as long as all the pieces are there, don't buy multiples that include the same character (I'll remove any of the packages that get bought and replace them with solo links as needed.), and most important DON'T pay over $15 for one character. That's STUPID.

Anyway SKYRIM.

Last time we used a kind of SILENT CARTOGRAPHER to point the way to an ancient superweapon that must never be used by anyone. I'm just sayin'. But really we learned that someone dumped the Staff of Magnus in Labyrinthian, because it is an extended reference to Elder Scrolls: Arena. If it's anything like it was in Arena, I don't want to go. Happily we don't HAVE to right away, because a miracle happened.

Jaspar finished rewriting his damn book.
To the publisher!Collapse )

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June 14th, 2014

04:49 am - Skyrim Part 10 - Rita Oidrom And The Extended Dungeon Crawl
Welp, there we go.

New Obsession Get, as I shelled out $53 for the two current Skylanders games for the Wii U along with 22 figures (which calculated came out to a conservative $180 price tag), and then a further $20 for the 360 first game and three more figures. That cements me snagging a Wii U next month, once we're a little recovered moneywise... and yes that means I sunk in for games on a system I do not actually OWN. I am the best at going all-in on stupid ideas.

I roll my shoulders back and face the onset of the Plastic Age with wide-eyed fascination at what is to come. At some point in the future I will doubtless make cute eyes and run a pledge drive on the blog to ask y'all to buy me little dragon toys. Please look forward to it.

That's not what we're playing right now, though! So we return to Skyrim...

I have to admit, I'd forgotten how rapidly Skyrim likes to stack on the sidequests. We could technically be on a dozen more than I've been deliberately avoiding taking up. After all, I don't want to get too overwhelmed, or have this log descend into a gibberish of start-stop threads and side-plot hooks that curve off into nowhere.

On the other hand, Jaspar had better finish his damn book soon or Rita's gonna start providing incendiary incentive. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway! A magical order of monks that time forgot wants us to look into getting a magic stick so we can do something with a giant ball. This is either Skyrim or the world's weirdest billiards simulator. Let's get on with it.
Ruins Explorer Rita is at it again!Collapse )
See you next time!

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