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    Thursday, April 17th, 2014
    11:53 pm
    Metal Saga Log 000 - World's Fastest Victory
    Metal Saga is one of my favorite games, from the little I've dabbled in it. It's... also a game that's largely pointless. There IS a main plot, sure... but for the most part that's not what the game is about. The game starts long after the Earth has been near-destroyed by a giant supercomputer. The old "We built it to protect the planet and it decided the best way was to destroy all humans" routine, y'know the one.

    Large portions of humanity died out, and the rest banded together to survive. Some of them became Hunters: Hunters of scrap, hunters of robots, hunters of bounties. Those brave Hunters eventually shut down the killer computer. Of course, AI still runs rampant. There are towns, but just as much there are outlaws, robots, and other such things roaming the wilderness. There's still a place in the world for Hunters, brave wanderers who salvage the scraps of what's left. Which is where you come in. Or rather, we do.

    Let's roll out.Collapse )
    Well! ... I really didn't think we'd manage it, but we successfully beat Metal Saga. There was a moment in the middle there, where it popped up that choice box... I really thought I'd just kinda burn out and give up. Still... great effort prevailed. Thank you all for all your support over this playthrough. I couldn't have made it without you.

    We'll do another draw next time. See you then!

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    Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
    10:18 pm
    Game Draw time!
    So I had a fair bit that I wanted to talk about with Secrets Can Kill... man, that is not a conventional Nancy Drew game at all, is it? But I just kinda ran out of energy and enthusiasm for it. One thing I will say is that the villain in the book version...

    ...The book version is of course Book 1 of the Nancy Drew Case Files, a modern contemporary update designed to bring it more in touch with modern day kids...

    The villain in the book version turned out to be a Russian Spy stealing government secrets, because the best way to create a timeless motivation is to tie your evil dude to the COLD WAR.

    Aside from that... eh, I just can't be bothered to think about this anymore. We played it. Let's keep going. What's next?

    Let's duck behind a cut for image size...Collapse )
    See you next time!

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    Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
    11:17 pm
    Age of Comic Movies
    So we're home from seeing Captain America: Winter Solider... no spoilers, I don't wanna talk about the movie, if you haven't seen it and want to, GO it's worth it...

    We're really in the Age of Comic Book Movies now. Not just "we have movies about comic books". We've had those. They go "Origin Story" - "Middle-quality Sequel" - "Series Flops Around, Dies" - "Reboot -- Origin Story" over and over in a big loop.

    We're finally getting movies structured in the way comic books are. Lots of dense continuity, lots of interlinked plotlines, waves to the fans, sequel/spinoff hooks worn proudly, strong character-focused arcs, plenty of action, and no concern for going over the top.

    I've been waiting YEARS for this, and it's such a relief to see it FINALLY playing out on the big screen. Next time is Guardians of the Galaxy, and you'd better believe I'm gonna be there.

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    4:22 pm
    ND Secrets Can Kill Part 5 - THE END.
    Last time on Nancy Drew: Secrets Are Written On The Walls Everywhere I got sick of screenshotting corkboards and declared that this would never happen again. Because I took multiple points of Comedic Timing at character creation, no hint-bearing posters showed from then on. I wish I could declare "MY PLAN WORKED!" but really I am just kinda like "yeah figures".

    I feel like we're getting down to the nub of this game though. There are supposedly 19 parts to Jake's Master Plan...

    (I actually want to stop and cover that for a second. Jake's Master Plan involves putting one matchbook with a starting clue somewhere, then 18 further clues all around a public school building, inside library books, at the local diner, etc.

    Imagine if someone took a library book he'd written in home. Imagine if someone else had been assigned bulletin board duty. Imagine one of the notecards dropping off the board and absently getting thrown out. Imagine any of the people he talked about realizing who the few lines of backward text implicated and ripping it down. Puzzle unsolvable, game over. THIS PLAN WAS NOT THOUGHT OUT.)

    ... anyway, 19 parts to Jake's Plan. One starter, the others hidden in messages.

    Putting a cut here, because length.Collapse )
    Whew. That... was a hell of a thing. Draw later, there's some other stuff I want to talk about first. Next post.

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    Sunday, April 13th, 2014
    7:02 pm
    ND: Secrets Can Kill Part 4 - No. More. Bulletin Boards. EVER.
    Last time on Secrets Can Kill, I developed corkboard poisoning and had to be put down. Further reports will be written by Slinkie Splash the bichromatic two-headed ottersnake. Slinkie Splash has decided to put this game aside and play Bejeweled 3 for 85 hours because quote "Oooh, shinies!" unquote. We hope you enjoy this new direction in blogging.

    ...all right, no, let's ... actually do this. LAST TIME on Secrets Can Kill, we met some of the student body. They are all suspicious. We then used a soda machine to set off an alarm to provide a diversion so we could sneak into the teacher's lounge, because ... because logic and proportion have fallen softly dead. And also there were several word puzzles.

    To be honest, I have no idea how much of the game I've finished. I do really enjoy point and click adventure games, but this feels more like a Professor Layton game without the solid "you solved that puzzle, way to go!" feedback. I feel like all I'm doing here is taking endless screenshots of corkboards. I can't tell what kind of progress I'm making here or even if things ARE progressing, and it's actually putting me off the game.

    Now I feel like I've identified my problem. I'm sick of corkboards. So you know what? I'm gonna MENTION the puzzles on those and what they solve to, but there will be no more 15-image posts of endless word problems. I trust you all got the point and I'm deeply sick of it, so they're going away. If you can identify something that's not fun and remove it from your play, the play becomes more fun.

    NOW let's dive back in.
    Here goes again.Collapse )

    NEXT TIME: *facedesk, facedesk, facedesk*

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    Friday, April 11th, 2014
    11:00 am
    ND: Secrets Can Kill Part 3 - A Return To Form.
    RAM Check: OK.
    ROM Check: OK.
    SQRL Check: OK.
    Saved Games: OK.
    Notepad++: Downloaded.
    Greenshot: Reinstalled.
    Overdue Library Book Charges: Cleared.


    I have to admit I have a little apathy about getting back into playing. My stride, my momentum, whatever you call it... that got broken and it's hard to find it again. I'm hoping if I just plunge in, I can reactivate my superpowers and get back into the puzzle life.


    Last time on Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill, we wandered around and discovered that Jake hid little clues and word puzzles everywhere in his town. Anywhere there was a blank space he could write letters, he scrambled them or reversed them or some shit. At this point I kinda want to shove his ass down a staircase.

    Based on this experience I am about ready to change the title of this from "Secrets Can Kill" to "Secrets Can't Actually Be Kept If You're A Goddamn Puzzle-Obsessed Lunatic" but let's just see what else is going on in town.

    Here goes.Collapse )
    NEXT TIME: We do that.

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    Monday, April 7th, 2014
    7:28 pm
    I am BACK ONLINE and on my proper PC, after a cascade of insult-to-injury details that just kept spiraling out of control. First THIS didn't work, then THAT didn't work, then we had an upgrade copy of Windows 7 but Windows XP wouldn't install...

    Finally I am all okay and good again, and my system is back together. No longer R. Dorothy, she has been promoted to Red Queen, for reasons that make perfect sense to me but may be obtuse to others.

    Proper updates will resume soon.

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    Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
    11:14 am
    Delay of Service
    Today we attempted to upgrade my PC!

    Note the word 'attempted'. New motherboard, new CPU... PC no longer powers on.

    We solved that in typical fashion. The BF whimpered and swore and gnawed at it, and I offered helpful suggestions.

    Sqrl: "It IS plugged in."
    Woof: "Yes."
    Sqrl: "And everything is seated right."
    Woof: "Yes."
    Sqrl: "...Have you tried reversing the polarity?"
    Woof: "Actually... yes."

    I was stumped.

    Sqrl: "Well, I'm stumped. Wanna kill all humans?"

    Eventually we compared his old PC to the layout of my new board and noticed something interesting.

    Woof: "This wire ... the power supply to this fan on MY PC. It's not plugged in."
    Sqrl: "Oh! Could that be the problem?"
    Woof: "No, I mean, it's not plugged in on my PC, but it is on yours."
    Sqrl: "So unplug it."
    Woof: "And plug it into what?"
    Sqrl: "No, just... unplug it. Leave it out. Unplugged."
    Woof: *expression of 'that is the dumbest thing ever'* "Okay."
    *unplug* *power button* *BOOP*
    Woof: "I fucking cannot believe that fucking worked. That is the DUMBEST POSSIBLE THING you could've suggested, after hours of me reading 'make sure all the wires are plugged in'."
    Sqrl: "Hazards of a mind raised on point and click adventures. 'Already tried all the SMART ideas, let's try the dumb ones!'"

    So now my machine powers on. Yay!
    Unfortunately, my old boot drive is an IDE. My new motherboard only has SATA connectors. Boo. We can get a converter overnighted! Yay! But... no PC for me today. (I am typing this on his.)

    Woof: "I am reconsidering my stance on killing all humans."
    Sqrl: "I can show you the world..."
    Woof: "What."
    Woof: "When did I become the moral compass of this relationship? That's terrifying."

    Oh well. Now I am lounging around on the couch, watching Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Mysteries from 1977 on Netflix and occasionally posting to Twitter on the 3DS.

    Sqrl: "Y'know..."
    Woof: "Huh?"
    Sqrl: "You said that was the dumbest possible thing I could've suggested, but I can think of at least eight other DUMBER things I could've asked you to try, if you want to hear them?"
    Woof: *sigh*

    He's no fun.

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    Monday, March 31st, 2014
    3:04 am
    ND: Secrets Can Kill Part 2 - Zbgure Shpxvat Jbeq Chmmyrf
    (Seriously y'all will probably need the big size version of the screenshots to see the text. Sorry.)

    Last time Nancy Drew (Famous Girl Detective) stole a bunch of stuff from her Aunt's house, read some really baffling books about hair-styling contests in the Coliseum and an endless dinner party, and called her boyfriend who pretended to be German.

    Based on this experience I am about ready to change the title of this from "Secrets Can Kill" to "Nancy Drew Discovers The Joy of Dadaism", but let's see if things get any more coherent once we're actually investigating that murder we heard about.

    Uhm. How do we start that up again?Collapse )
    Next time: We attempt to COMMUNICATE WITH THE NATIVE LIFE.

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    Sunday, March 30th, 2014
    6:28 am
    ND: Secrets Can Kill Part 1 - Nothing Much Happens.
    Okay, you all know how it goes. Nancy Drew time on the Sqrlblog again. There is mouseover text... and for this one, you may want to click a couple times to zoom in on the pictures. But, y'all know how it goe--

    Actually, if you DON'T know how it goes now is as good a time as any to post a refresher course, so let's do that first. Here's the first post each of the Nancy Drew titles I've played.

    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Game 7.)
    Haunting of Castle Malloy (Game 19.)
    Secret of the Old Clock (Game 12.)
    The Haunted Carousel (Game 8.)
    Danger By Design (INCOMPLETE for depression and medical reasons, I will finish this someday I swear) (Also, Game 14.)
    The Final Scene (Game 5.)

    So I've done this five and a half times already!
    And I'm about to do it again!Collapse )
    We'll do that next time.

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    Friday, March 28th, 2014
    6:50 pm
    Lego Marvel Super Heroes: MOSTLY COMPLETE
    I am 40% done with Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

    I have finished the 15-mission story mode, a few replay missions in "Free" mode (where you can choose your own team instead of the pre-selected team), a couple of bonus missions in the postgame, and several races around a giant sprawling map of New York City.

    I have smashed several hundred pounds of Lego bricks into studs, which I have spent to unlock 93 out of 150+ characters, eight of which are Iron Man. I have ignored specific SHIELD instructions and built myself a Spider-Man clone named Ben Reilly.

    I have punched goons from several different criminal and ideological organizations, so that they explode in amusing ways. I've solved puzzles based on various hero abilities. I've driven a hovering motorcycle through New York traffic.

    I have teamed up Squirrel Girl with Rocket Raccoon. I've bloodlessly beheaded Lego figures with Psylocke's mindswords. I've blasted things with Cyclops' eye beams and with Havok's weird circular blasts. I have watched Galactus the World Eater, a cosmic force of nature from before the Big Bang, ride a circus lion.

    That's a LOT of game. I feel faintly offended that I've only done 40% of it. Jesus, do you really NEED this much game? This is a HUGE pile of game!

    That said, I'm pretty exhausted with it. It's the kind of game that I'm going to keep installed, and pick at every so often. Right now though... what's next?

    The remastered re-release of Nancy Drew: Secret Can Kill. Chronologically (in its original release) the first Nancy Drew click-em-up to be released, remade to actually make sense and not kinda suck. Let's Detective-On! Again!

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    Monday, March 24th, 2014
    7:47 pm
    Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing COMPLETE
    So before we start, I'd like to plug a friend of mine who is starting up a Pokemon Black play-journal. If you enjoyed mine, please support him.

    Now, let's talk about that game I just played...
    Under here.Collapse )
    Anyway... I liked it! I may play it again sometime. That end boss can fucking lick me. Peace.

    What's my next draw?
    And under here...Collapse )
    See you next time!

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    Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
    2:17 pm
    Hydrophobia Prophecy - Check "Nope", Move On
    Well, I'm gonna have to mark this one unfinishable. Damn.

    Let's talk about this game.Collapse )
    And the game is...Collapse )
    See you next time.

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    Friday, March 21st, 2014
    12:14 pm
    Hat Draw!
    I promised a draw and here it is...
    Behind a cut, politely.Collapse )

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    Thursday, March 20th, 2014
    10:09 pm
    Pokemon Y - Thank You And Goodnight
    We're back again! And guess what else is coming back? I know I mentioned the remake back when I was actually playing the game, but if you like Gabriel Knight...

    Check out this trailer.

    My thoughts? Well... the backgrounds are gorgeous. The actual characters look kinda like lumpy potato people. And t'FUCK did they do to poor Gabe's HAIR?!! They skewed closer to the live-action GK2 Gabriel than the fluffy-headed gel-abuser he was in the first game! Holy crap, I am actually a little bit pissed off at that!

    All in all though, I got chills at the first notes of the theme song. My mantra as always is "If this gets people to play the game, so much the better". Hell, I'LL probably replay the game like this.

    Right now though we've got some Pokemon Y to finish. And I say finish because quite likely we're going to conclude the Detective Arc tonight. There is of course more post-game to play, but I feel like very nearly a month of updates is about the right pace and it is PROBABLY time to move along.
    So let's get moving.Collapse )

    There'll be a draw posted in a bit.

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    Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
    6:28 pm
    Pokemon Y - The Pursuit of Justice
    Yesterday my copy of Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD arrived. Looking forward to cracking back into one of my favorite RPGs of all time ... and maybe I guess Final Fantasy X if I have to. (I will have to. I'm not gonna write up X-2 here without doing X first.) I may be taking gimmick-based gaming too far, in that I'm eyeballing the Expert Sphere Grid and pondering how to turn that into randomly-drawn classes.

    First though I think we ought to wrap up Pokemon Y, so let's get back on that. Last time we left off, Xao had become a detective fighting for JUSTICE and also nearly losing to preschoolers. Also, I found this page which talks about the Tourist Lady from the start of this chapter. Kind of interesting!
    Awaaaay!Collapse )
    One case remains, but I need more battery power.
    The conclusion to Pokemon Y's Detective arc awaits!

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    Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
    10:08 am
    Pokemon Y - Suddenly It's A Detective Story!
    Let's peek into the postgame of Pokemon Y. Technically, I'm finished with the game. However you can never really be finished with Pokemon. There's some stuff to mop up, roaming legendaries to catch, postgame battles, and of course there's replaying all the other games to transfer the 'mons from those into Y. You can never actually FINISH Pokemon. Never. ...ahahaha I'm here 'til I die.

    So! Postgame.
    More spoilers. Let's dick around a while and then become ...Collapse )
    Next time: Xao heroically charges to the rescue! Don't miss a moment of the thrilling conclusion!

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    Monday, March 17th, 2014
    2:58 am
    Pokemon Y - Championship.
    Last night I had a dream. I was wandering around an airport terminal, and suddenly realized that the muffled announcement coming over the speakers was for a flight I was supposed to be on. I raced around in a panic, searching for the right place to be, and arrived at a set of big windows just in time to see a jet taking off. As I looked closer, I realized my luggage was hot-glued all over the sides and wings. I watched helplessly as the jet took off, went straight up for about ten thousand miles, turned around, and flew directly back into the terminal at full speed.

    This dream was more interesting and exciting than Xao's battle against the Elite Four.

    Spoilerspace.Collapse )
    The credits have rolled.
    The adventure is over.
    The game is not.

    Next Time: Postgame.

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    Sunday, March 16th, 2014
    2:05 pm
    Pokemon Y - The Road to The Pokemon League -- Also Stats!
    With nothing better to do, and with Team Flare having (redacted) themselves to bits, Xao now finds herself prepared to challenge the Pokemon League and tackle the Elite Four. First though, how about a rundown of the team?

    Well. FIRST let's grind like un-oiled machinery.

    Lots and lots of grinding later... here's the team as they stand pre-challenge.
    Let me tell you about my pokemons.Collapse )
    Elite Four post coming shortly! I'm excited! Are you excited?

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    Friday, March 14th, 2014
    1:58 pm
    Pokemon Y - Bask In The Familiar
    Yesterday we put a conclusive stop to what I personally think of as the "plot" of Pokemon Y. And yet, there's still more to go! Every Pokemon game has the Elite 4, and we haven't beat them yet, have we? Heck, we're still at seven out of eight badges. Gonna have to fix that, so it's onward to...
    Spoilertown.Collapse )
    It's time for the League. The Elite 4. The -big- guns. Victory is close. We're gonna do this.

    That'll be next time.
    ... I'm gonna need to grind a bit first.

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