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Animal Crossing New Leaf Day 16 - Sleepytime Crossing - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal

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June 26th, 2013

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07:53 pm - Animal Crossing New Leaf Day 16 - Sleepytime Crossing
It was at this point that my sleep patterns elected to do some kind of backflip spinning 540-degree reversion into a nosedive crash, because I basically stopped mid-thought, fell into bed, and shut off for multiple hours. On the other hand, I'm of the opinion that if my biological processes demand something that hard it's a good idea to give into their wishes. Thus... I come to you in the late evening, over a sandwich and some tea. I apologize if today's post is more boring than usual.

I step out the door and instantly find a "lost item". Whose is it? No idea. I will have to EXPLORE and find out. It turns out that the person who dropped something on my doorstep is Phoebe. What was she doing hanging out on my doorstep? Oh, geez. Remember all the times when I'd stand around trying to get in touch with HER as she slept all morning?

From there it's off to sell my huge pile of "Boredom Fish" to Reese. I check the Stalk Market: 69 bells per turnip. Oh no. Is this ever going to upswing? Only a few days left before they rot. I have an INVESTMENT, dangit! Then it's a few runs back and forth, between Re-Tail and the museum and the island storage box. Wow, I slept in so long that even Blathers is bright and perky.

By the time I'm done selling, I'm seeing a message I've never seen before.

So I elect to get that cash back where it belongs.

Now that Nook's pockets are lined, I check out the new store his spores built.

This is nice because the little gooncoons are now selling multiple fortune cookies a day (should I choose to buy one, I haven't felt like it in a while), carpeting, wallpaper... They also have a catalog machine, where I could rebuy almost anything I've owned in the past.

I say "almost" anything, because Nintendo items and Balloon items seem to be exempt from Catalog status. Not for sale, it says. Alas. Now I know what can and can't be bought and re-ordered, at least!

Next is a stop by the Ables. Y'know, playing Animal Crossing has taught me that left to my own devices I will wear the FRILLIEST OUTFITS IMAGINABLE. Like, Disney Princesses are knocking on my window going "YOU'VE GOT TO TONE DOWN THAT DRESS". So I elect to keep wearing the outfit from yesterday because it is eeedorable, but I also scan in a few for later. Mostly dresses. Okay, all dresses. I cannot help this. I'd wear boy clothes if anyone requested it.

...Man, not only did Klaus leave, in a final act of bizzareness he PACKED HIS HOUSE AND TOOK IT WITH HIM. Freaking Klaus, man.

Meanwhile, Curt gives me a speech about bonsai and how one thing most planters don't consider is the importance of having the bowl match the plant. I'm left slightly speechless. Oh, right, I need to get him something for his birthday, but what...? I've seen the dude's house, he is UPSCALE.

Fossil today: A Peking Man. This is like Peking Duck, a man fried to crispy perfection. I dunno why the museum wants it.

I finish off the night hanging out with one of our most stubborn town residents.

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Date:June 27th, 2013 10:52 am (UTC)
"Fossil today: A Peking Man. This is like Peking Duck, a man fried to crispy perfection."

A note to self: Self, if Gordy ever invites you out for Chinese, SAY NO.
[User Picture]
Date:June 27th, 2013 11:01 am (UTC)
Human-style noodles?
Happy Family?
Lo man?
...spring roll?

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