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Recordkeeping: Super Mario Galaxy COMPLETE - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal

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December 13th, 2016

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12:07 am - Recordkeeping: Super Mario Galaxy COMPLETE
Super Mario Galaxy may not be my last COMPLETE of the year, but I'd be hard pressed to squeeze another game of this size and quality in. Heck, I may continue squeezing THIS one in, it's a great game and I only did a quarter of it.

(I got 63 stars. You can win the game at 60 stars. Mario's game is complete at 120 stars collected. Then you unlock Luigi. The FULL game has 242 stars.)

And then there's the ending. Uhm.

"I already know the ending / it's the part that makes your face implode.
I don't know what makes your face implode / but that's the way the game will end." - Nintendo PROBABLY?!?

Very good level design, AMAZING music... yep. Mario game. Lotsa fun. Had a good time here.

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Date:December 14th, 2016 01:24 pm (UTC)
If it's not too spoilery, what are the last two stars? (120*2 is 240, after all.)
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Date:December 14th, 2016 01:32 pm (UTC)
To be honest I have no idea. I didn't get all the stars.


Ah. There's 120 for each brother, then 1 each in the "Grand Finale Galaxy" that unlocks after that's done.

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