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Recordkeeping: King's Quest II - Romancing The Stones COMPLETE - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal

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March 14th, 2017

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06:56 pm - Recordkeeping: King's Quest II - Romancing The Stones COMPLETE
This is the fan remake/redo of King's Quest II, with a whole-plot rewrite and a boatload of changes. Some of them work really well, others... not so much?

The narration and dialog really wasn't as clever as it thought it was. Way too much "tell" (you're terrified now by the way. this is a joking allusion to something. look, continuity from later games! look at it! see?) and not all that much...

Well I guess you can't really show in dialogue, and you do have to lean on narration a lot because there is a limited sprite animation budget and stuff. I dunno, bits of it rubbed me the wrong way and I thought other parts were clever. There's a Big Overshadowing Original Character Villain that ties it all together that I maybe could've done without, but ehhhh there was that in KQ6 too kinda?

Also there's a line as Graham is in a library about how he's not interested in science and finds it "controversial" and I'm like... really? The incredibly inquisitive adventurer? The dude who tries to learn everything he can get his hands on? That King Graham is the dude casually dismissing an entire field of learning?


So... okay, whatever. I needed to wave my hands around a lot. Unreliable narrator, this is not my canon, that is not my King. However, If I ASSUME that the programmers and writers came at this game out of a place of love and genuine fandom, which they quite probably did, and I ASSUME good faith on their part that they really felt all the changes improved the game, which they MOSTLY did...

...I just can't get angry at a "new" classic King's Quest game. Like, I can't. And I can't pretend I didn't enjoy the hell out of it either, because I did.

So my feelings are a land of contrasts but I respect the heart and soul of the game and that's what matters.

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Date:March 15th, 2017 01:16 am (UTC)
It does add a lot, and the original is sort of this loose framework that the Williams hung a variety of inventory puzzles and storybook references off of, with not much of an actual plot.

So I understand WHY they started pitching ideas into the obvious void. I'm just not convinced all of those ideas were narratively good choices, or written well.

Also I was a bit surprised that there's at least one unavoidable act of violence (with the poison needle). After finding the wolfsbane I was convinced I could avoid that somehow, but... not in a way I could find.

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