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Recordkeeping: inFamous COMPLETE - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal

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July 3rd, 2017

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06:11 pm - Recordkeeping: inFamous COMPLETE
It's interesting to me that inFamous made as much of an impression as it did, because it feels pretty standard nowadays. Then again, it was a different and earlier time and open-world games have come a long way even now. Infamous (I'm not doing that case thing every time) had great traversal for its time with a gliding and railsliding system, it had a decent mission variety, a big city with plenty of collectables... but it's sort of been outdone by other games now.

Still, this is a superhero story, and I have an interest in those. It's not the kind of superhero story I PREFER, mind. Cole is a straight-up killer, most of his enemies are dudes in ponchos with assault rifles, and even in the most optimistic/full-hero-points ending Cole still ends up brooding on a rooftop about all he's lost and how he's the only person he can trust.

That said, it does do a couple of fun superhero things like fighting giant golems powered by telekinesis or leaping from rooftops so you can destroy blimps floating through the city spraying mind-control gas. I mean, that stuff is great. What isn't great is being hounded through the streets by mooks with 100%-accurate rifles that fire from slightly beyond the draw distance and are smart enough to hide when you turn around and aim at them, so you need to run over and chase them down. (During which time the OTHER mooks with aimbot accuracy are headshotting you from the Everglades. Buy a goddamn helmet for your bald-ass targetlike head, Cole.)

There are also moral options. The game tries to frame them as "be selfish and get more or be selfless and brave and heroic" but really it comes down quite often to "be stupidly selfish for no reason or actually participate in the goddamn plot". In some cases you get the "Hero" karma for just standing there and NOT fucking it up for everyone. Truly this is wish fulfillment. "Congratulations, you stood there and didn't break anything. A++ have a trophy."

They say a hero is only as good as his villains, and Cole's ultimate villain is... himself, from the future. He has to come back all grizzled and evil and make sure his younger self in this alternate timeline can handle the awfu-- He's basically Flash villain Hunter Zolomon except with an "I'm really you" twist. It's kind of a perfect pairing. Cole is sort of angry-potato neutral and moody, while evilCole "Kessler" is chilly, self-righteous "I'm doing this to make the world better" evil.

"Hero" version Cole is just angry enough and "Villain" version Cole power-mad enough to make Kessler seem plausible no matter which you pick. Of course, Kessler is doing it all because he wasn't strong enough to stand up to "The Beast" years ago and fucked everything up. This whole thing was an origin story. THE ADVENTURE BEGINS NOW bang whoosh credits.

Presumably game two is the conflict with THE BEAST. I'm down for that.

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