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Anime Report: Maoyu / Archenemy and Hero WATCHED - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal

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October 9th, 2017

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10:41 pm - Anime Report: Maoyu / Archenemy and Hero WATCHED
So this was 12 episodes of a good series with a great big "Um." hanging over the end of it.

The basic premise is this: The Hero and his brave companions have tracked the Demon King down to her lair. He's level 99 and has great equipment. It's time for the final showdown. For stupid hero reasons, he enters the castle alone. She appears before him and makes him an offer...

...what? No, not "rule half the world with me". What kind of dumbass takes THAT offer?

She offers him stability. Affection. A world where hunger and disease are cured, where there is no war with the demons. She offers him a plan not to conquer the world in a bloody overthrow, not to hypnotize the population with magic, but to put in hard work and use economic overhaul and the introduction of concepts like "crop rotation" to make life better. All he has to do is take her hand.

And he says yes.

At its core, this is a series about spreading knowledge and taking a realistic look at JRPG tropes. WHY does the Church want a war with the demons? What kind of economy centers on selling arms to four super-strong people out of a whole world? Where do those crops and currencies come from? For 12 episodes this is a really good show, building up to an overhaul of the world and --

-- then it just kind of stops, and the end credits roll over a breast joke.


The BF and I went straight to Wikipedia to see if, like... was there another half of the series somewhere? Was there something we missed? Maybe the novels got translated?

No it just kind of stops dead.


What the crap, man.

So... this was a GREAT SHOW which at its core was about making a troubled world a better, happier, safer place with the twin powers of compassion and economics but ... don't watch it if you're not willing to sit down and fanfic yourself a better ending afterward.

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