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Recordkeeping: Final Fantasy V COMPLETE - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal — LiveJournal

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March 3rd, 2018

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04:48 am - Recordkeeping: Final Fantasy V COMPLETE
Well I certainly was wrong about this for a while.

My previous opinion of Final Fantasy V was that it was sort of okay. The only good script for the game is the GBA version (actually true), and it's basically an excuse to have a really elaborate combat system. (Also true.) My problem was that I was treating it sort of like Final Fantasy 1 But Longer. Pick four jobs, play until those jobs are Mastered, pick four more jobs, etc.

This is a boring as hell way to play Final Fantasy V. Trying this was probably responsible for my burnout on several attempts to play through.

Armed with copious advice from a friend, I instead tried swapping up my approach for each situation, messing around with jobs and learning their ins and outs. Suddenly it was actually... ??? FUN ??? to struggle against bosses, reload to save, plan a strategy of attack, and watch the battle go from "climbing one-handed up asshole mountain" to "surf forever on a wave of glory and heroism".

So... yeah, honestly? FFV is a LOT more fun than I gave it credit for. It's always important to play the game in front of you, instead of the game in your head. Find out what a game wants from you and learn how it wants to be played, and suddenly things get smoother and cooler.

S'a good thing to remember.

(PS. I beat Omega but not Shinryu. One day I'll go back for that dragon. ONE DAY...)

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