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Recordkeeping: Lovers of Aether COMPLETE - The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal — LiveJournal

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April 1st, 2019

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09:54 pm - Recordkeeping: Lovers of Aether COMPLETE
Can I declare a VN complete when I've only seen two of the routes? Yeah I think I can.

So this was Lovers of Aether, the April Fool's joke dating VN from the makers of Rivals of Aether. I am of two minds about this sort of thing.

On one hand, I don't believe "lol it's a game where you don't hurt people you just talk to them and enjoy the writing ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS" is inherently a funny joke. Joke VNs are usually a low-ball pitch that only serve to re-enforce negative stereotypes about the genre. I love playing stuff like this, and "It's a visual novel now, that's the whole gag" is kind of demeaning to the genre as a whole.

On the other hand I'm a giant piece of furry trash who wants to date the absolute hell out of some fightgame characters, so here I am playing it in spite of ideological objections. And you know, it's okay? It's fairly basic, some characters seem to have more complex routes than others (there's a few that demand you live up to their standards, and with one the question is "how do you even get an inward angle here?"), but the art is sharp and the writing is...

...well, it's a high school full of fighting game characters.

Most of them are jerks to some degree until you get them to take their walls down and open up.

So I took the joke game seriously, yeah I'm an idiot, but I had a good time here and can see myself going back to try to 100% this. It's real short but sweet enough.

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