Gordy, The Sqrlian Being (xyzzysqrl) wrote,
Gordy, The Sqrlian Being

Down Doobie Doo Down Down comma comma.

So this is a medical health report, just saw the diabetes specialist again. Easily skippable, nothing lost. See you on Disney Plus Day.

My A1C is down to 4.8, which is a very nice drop considering where we started.
I've also lost 18 pounds total since the last time I saw her, which brings me down to 340 pounds. I recognize that that isn't a weight that should have "down to" prefixing it, but I am less concerned with that and more concerned with regulating fluid levels and pressure.

Speaking of pressure, blood pressure's back up a bit to 155/88, which isn't great but isn't the incredibly low blood pressure I was having either.

She also read over my food journal.

"Does this say you ate a mayonaise popsicle?"
"What no. ... MANGO. Mango popsicle."
"Oh thank goodness"

Advice: "some exercise, keep eating like you are, but fewer bananas".

Eh I can do that.

On the way back, we stopped briefly at Five Guys. I had a lettuce-wrapped burger.

Sqrlmog: "My thumb tastes like A1 sauce."
Woof: "Are you delicious now?"
Sqrlmog: "...mmh, not as much as I'd hope."
Woof: "Wait are you ACTUALLY trying to eat--"
Sqrlmog, retracting thumb: "NO."
Woof: "--your thumb over there, wow that was the guiltiest 'no' I've heard from you in forever."
Sqrlmog: *pout*
Woof: "Seriously that was some 'five year old with their hand in the cookie jar' shit right there."

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