Gordy, The Sqrlian Being (xyzzysqrl) wrote,
Gordy, The Sqrlian Being

Not All Bad

Okay so like, I DO get depressed a lot?

But I also have the kind of life where I can lay around naked in bed reading like 10 volumes of Squirrel Girl over the course of a couple days, and discover via this medium that there was a new run of Howard The Duck, and then I can punch in a library hold on collected editions of that comic via my phone without actually LEAVING bed.

So, like.

Don't worry too hard about me because there is an equal chance, on any given day hour you check on me, I will be like "oh woe life woe woe" OR "hell yeah, anthropomorphic ducks make excellent private detectives and you cannot convince me otherwise".

(Or there's other possibilities too but I really say the duck thing a LOT comparatively speaking.)

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