Gordy, The Sqrlian Being (xyzzysqrl) wrote,
Gordy, The Sqrlian Being

Dream of Last Night - Comic, sans...?

I'm just waking up from a dream about my old webcomic. Someone had found the archives to it on a server I couldn't believe was still up, and archive-binged it. It was amateurish, because I was a dumbass teenager writing the jokes and my partner was a starting-out artist doing her best, but it had a lot of potential and it ended on a cliffhanger because we'd both sort of gotten bored and wandered off.

Unfortunately I'd lost touch with her over the years, and so I was left debating whether there was anything in this dumb late-nineties-early-2000s webthing that should or could be scavenged and restarted with a different artist, or if I should leave it sit forever, or try to get it taken off the web, etc.

The thing is...

... I can't remember whether any of this is real? "Let's start a webcomic it'll be great!" is EXACTLY THE KIND OF PROJECT I would have embarked on with said departed out-of-touch friend, and I would have written the ABSOLUTE MOST CRAPPY JOKES and story arcs because back then, pre-Worth Playing, I still though I was gonna be the divine gift to all writers someday, and I just can't remember what that URL was..

I was laying in bed for a half hour going "...that SOUNDED like something I'd do? DID I ever co-write a web comic? Where the hell did we host it? What did I have planned?"

I -think- it wasn't real. I'm pretty sure I never did that. It's false. It never happened. Not a chance. It's fiction. We made this one up.

But frustratingly, I think I'm never going to be absolutely positive and that's going to drive me up the wall for months to come.

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