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The Forbidden Codex of The Pink Beyond - A Sqrl's Journal

Depreciated Vestigial Nub Edition

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Gordy, The Sqrlian Being
8 March 1982
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Xyzzy Sqrl? Nothing happens here.

Please find me on Dreamwidth for any lasting proper relationship. I am paying far less attention to LJ these days, what with their stupid stupid stupid new policies.
akito tenkawa, alpha centauri, alternate realities, alton brown, angel-demon hybrids, animal crossing, anime, audioscrobbler, bad movies, butt-mounted lasers, butterscotch krimpets, button pushing, cheese, chicken salad, city of heroes, console gaming, cool breezes, copious free time, daktaklakpak, destroying tokyo, diane duane, discworld, disgaea, douglas adams, dr pepper, dragons, earthbound, elder scrolls, enix, enjoying life, exploding cheese, explosions, faking maturity, fantasy, fiction, firesign theatre, fluffy tails, front mission, furry fandom, furtoonia, fuzzy bunnies, fuzzy kitties, game reviews, gametap, gear fighter dendoh, getta robo, giant mecha, giant robots, gir, godzilla, good eats, gouda, green, gundam, happy happy joy joy, heliotrope sheep, heroclix, ice, infocom, innocence, interactive fiction, irrational exuberance, juffo-wup, kaiju, kilrathi culture, king of fighters, leon geeste, lion king, lobster bisque, macross, marathon, martian successor nadesico, mecha, mint chocolate chip, mocking cloud strife, morrowind, moxy fruvous, mucking, myst, nanowrimo, national novel writing month, neon genesis evangelion, netflix, new cartoons, nonlinear time, noses, not dying, obscure references, obsolete technology, oingo boingo, old cartoons, parsers, patricia c wrede, penultima, persona, phantasy star, pink bazookas, pirates of dark water, pkunk, pokemon, questionable, ramen, reading, reading too much, robot finds kitten, robotech, roger zelazny, salad dressing, sentience, shenmue, shin megami tensei, shodan, shofixti, simulated reality, sleeping, softness, space harrier, sqrls, squeep, squirrels, star control, star ocean, stream of consciousness writing, stuff, super robot wars, super robots, swedish fish, system shock, technoorganics, tenth kingdom, text adventures, that other thing, the eighties, they might be giants, things, things and stuff, touching npcs, transformation sequences, video games, vigeo games, wax fruit, werewolves, wishing, woofie, woofie head, working designs, xyzzy, zombie werewolves in mecha, zombies, zork

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